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  • Mini Aussiedoodle Nutrition Needs: The Important Stuff Every dog should have the best nutrition needs possible so that they can live happily and healthily. Mini Aussiedoodles are fun, loyal, and energetic, so it takes a whole lot to keep up with them. They deserve the best kind of food because
  • What Are Your Mini Goldendoodle Nutrition Needs? If you are a new fur parent to a Mini Goldendoodle, you might wonder what you should feed them. There are plenty of things that you can feed your furry friend, and there are other things that you cannot feed them. To keep
  • Mini Cockapoo Essentials Get Shopping!
    Best Haircut for Mini Cockapoo Mini Cockapoos have beautiful coats, and they can look good with any type of hairstyle. You can go for a puppy cut, teddy bear cut, or something more daring. No matter what haircut it will be, they will look great. However, you are not sure
  • Cute puppy with a shopping cart
    Mini Cockapoo Essentials: Get Shopping! We can all agree that adding a pet to your life can be life-changing but in a positive way. If you are bringing a Mini Cockapoo home, you would have to make sure that you are ready with their essentials. Getting the right essentials for
  • Cute Fat Dog
    How to Tell If Your Dog is Overweight If you feel like your pooch is a little bit more plump than usual, there is no need to fret since this is quite common. Gaining weight is not just a problem for people but also for little pups. That extra weight
  • Cute dog grooming
    How to Make Dogs Smell Good: Be In the Know Smelly dogs can often cause people to think twice about letting their dogs spend time inside the house or letting them inside the car. Unpleasant smells include bad breath, scents arising from poorly maintained fur, flatulence, or dogs stepping or
  • RaferEPups-Blog-Common Health Problems of Mini Goldendoodles
    Common Health Problems of Mini Goldendoodles Mini Goldendoodles originated in the 1990s and has been known as a hybrid dog that has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years. These fluffy and adorable-looking pups are very affectionate dogs as well as friendly and mild. They can grow between 18
  • Rafter E Pups - Wha​t You Should Know About Mini Aussies Temperament
    What You Should Know About Mini Aussies Temperament For those who are looking for a new best friend in their home, opening your family to Mini Aussies is the best way to go. Small dogs are always the best choice because they are affectionate, low-maintenance, and playful. Mini Aussies are
  • Training Hyperactive Mini Aussiedoodles: Calming Them Down Mini Aussiedoodles are such fun, good-natured, and intelligent dogs to have in the family. They are also known for their large bundle of energy. If you are a first-time owner and are planning to add them to your home, you may be wondering
  • Mini Aussiedoodles are known to be small, sassy, sweet, and smart. You would be crazy not to fall in love with these unique pups. They are obscenely cute pups that will inspire love at first sight when you see their little fur bodies. If you are a first-time owner, you
  • All About Mini Goldendoodles One of the most popular dogs in the world is the Goldendoodles, and the Mini Goldendoodle is becoming just as popular. The Mini Goldendoodle is a mix between Golden Retriever and a Poodle which make them the perfect combination of good looks, smart wits, and playfulness.
  • When you want a cute and lovable dog, the Mini Cockapoo is the best option for you. They are a crossbreed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Mini Poodle and are more famous because of their small size. They are perfect for families who have a small space at home